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Word on the Street...

"Natasha, I just saw my family pictures and they made my LIFE (not just my day) because it made me realize why and for who my wife and I work so hard. Thank you for capturing these precious moments for us. We are lucky to have you as a friend and photographer."-Pej R.

"Natasha is a true artist with an amazing eye for color & natural sunlight. She was able to help us show our love for each other in front of the camera. In addition to taking amazing pictures, she is a true gem to work with! She is very enthusiastic & helped guide us tremendously before & during the shoot. The pictures we now have are the most beautiful we have ever seen & we know we will look at them forever with a smile! Thank you, Natasha!" -Amanda Zarabi Ghalchi

"The pictures she takes are magestic... magical... dreamy."

"Natasha, thank you so much! We look at our album everyday & each time we fall in love with it more & more. You've outdone yourself."

"I adore the pictures of my daughter & I. They are a mother's dream come true."

"Natasha! I want to decorate my whole house with the art you created of our family! These pictures are like a celebration of our love. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

"It's no wonder her work is the talk of town! There is no one else out there like her. Her creativity, passion, and love for her job is unmatched."

"Her pictures are alive. They speak to you."

"Natasha is a dedicated photographer who will go out of her way to get the best shot for her client. You will see her lying on her tummy and climbing-up things to get the exact angles she wants during a shoot."

"You need to have a box of tissues ready for the first time you look at the album she made you."

"Not only have we never had such amazing pictures of our family, but it was so much fun working with you, Natasha. You made the whole experience so meaningful and memorable for us."

"You brought tears to my eyes again as I'm sitting here looking at my pictures. You are so talented that it's beyond imagination. Thank you a gazillion!"